Sound and the In/Non-Human

Bernie Krause—The Habitat Niche Hypothesis: A Hidden Symphony of Animal Sounds

Bernie Krause—The Niche Hypothesis

Jakob von Üexkull—A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans

Jussi Parikka—Insect Media (2010)

David Dunn—Mappings and Entrainments (1984)

Donna Haraway—When Species Meet

Donna Haraway—A Companion Species Manifesto

Late Capitalist Temporalities

Brian Massumi—Perception Attack (2008)

Steven Shaviro—Post-Cinematic Affect (2010)

Jacques Attali—Noise: A Political Economy of Music (1977)

Franco (Bifo) Berardi—Time, Acceleration and Violence (2011)

Elena Esposito—The Future of Futures: The Time of Money in Financing and Society

Jonathan Crary—24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep (2013)

George Kubler—The Shape of Time (1962)

Accelerationism / Becoming Inhuman

Nick Land—Circuitries (1992) / Meltdown (1994) / Machinic Desire (1993)

Amy Ireland—Noise: An Ontology of the Avant-Garde (VIDEO) (2013)

Bernard Stiegler—Memory (from Critical Terms for Media Studies) (2010)

Sigmund Freud—Beyond the Pleasure Principle (1920)

Brian Massumi—The Autonomy of Affect (1995)

Steven Shaviro—Accelerationist Aesthetics (2013)

Benjamin Bratton—Some Trace Effects of the Post-Anthropocene (2013)

Michel Serres—The Natural Contract

Between Representation and Realism

Karen Barad—Posthumanist Performativity: Toward an Understanding of How Matter Comes To Matter (2003)

Rick Dolphijn & Iris van der Tuin—New Materialism: Interviews and Cartographies

Earworms & Aural Pathologies

Steve Goodman—The Earworm (Ch. 27 from Sonic Warfare) (2010) Notes.

Marc Couroux—Xenochronic Dispatches from the Domain of the Phonoegregore (and VIDEO) (2013)

eldritch Priest—A Plague on Both Your Ears (2013)

Oliver Sacks—Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

Douglas Kahn—Two Sounds of the Virus (from Noise Water Meat) (1999)

Expanded Perception & Listening

David Cecchetto—Four aural-neiric speculations with a very fat head (2013)

Elie During—Loose Coexistence: Technologies of Attention (2010)

Anahid Kassabian—Ubiquitous Listening (2001)

Robert Sumrell & Kalis Varnelis—The Stimulus Progression: Muzak (2007)

David Goodman—Distracted Listening: On Not Making Sound Choices in the 1930s (Ch. 1 from Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, eds. Suisman & Strasser)

Mark Bain—Psychosonics and the Modulation of Public Space

Mètis, Disposition & Cunning Intelligence

Keller Easterling—Disposition (2010)

François Jullien—Treatise on Efficacy (1996)

Matthew Fuller & Andrew Goffey—Toward an Evil Media Studies (2009)

Benedict Singleton—(Notes Towards) Speculative Design (2012)

Marcel Détienne & Jean-Pierre Vernant—Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society (1974)

Michel Serres—The Parasite (1980)

James C. Scott—Domination and the Arts of Resistance (1990)

Robert Chia & Robin Holt—Strategy Without Design (2010)

Arthur Schopenhauer—The Art of Always Being Right (also here)

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy—Ghost in the Shell-Game: On the Mètic Mode of Existence, Inception and Innocence (2013)

Marc Couroux—Preemptive Glossary for a TechnoSonic Control Society (2013)


eldritch Priest—To Make a Better Crease (2013) (on the Occulture)

Irit Rogoff—Productive Anticipation (2008)

William S. Burroughs—The Invisible Generation

Delphi Carstens—Hyperstition

Elie Ayache—In the Middle of the Event (2010)

Isabelle Stengers & Philippe Pignarre—Capitalist Sorcery

Nigel Thrift—Pass It On: Towards a Political Economy of Propensity (2008)


Alenka Zupancic—Structural Dynamics and the Temporality of the Comical (from The Odd One In)

Sound and the Occult

Marcel Duchamp—The Creative Act (1957)

Carl Michael von Hausswolff—1485.0 kHz (2000) (on the work of Friedrich Jürgenson and Electronic Voice Phenomena)


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