Thursday, May 22

9:30—Frances Thomas (Gales) (two speakers)

10:10—Ella Morton (SPG) (one speaker + plinth)

10:50—Ian Macchiusi (GCFA 130) (two speakers – bring from SPG)

11:30—Jennifer MacDonald (GCFA 130) (two speakers)

12:10—Scott Harber (GCFA 130) (projector + speakers)


1:30—Frances Miller (SPG) (Two pairs of speakers)

2:10—Claire Dykhuis (GCFA 130)

2:50—Sasha Sobrino (GCFA 130)

3:30—Jorge Lozano (ACW 103) (HD projector / SD projector / speakers)

4:10—Marina Nabil Fathalla (GCFA 130) (projector & speakers)

Friday, May 23

9:30—Emmie Tsumura (various spaces)

10:10—Zoë Heyn-Jones (GCFA 130) (speakers)

10:50—Jacob McLean (GCFA 130)

11:30—Alejandro Tamayo (GCFA 130)

12:10—Colleen Wolstenholme (GCFA 130) (speakers + projector)


1:30—Anna Sarchami (GCFA 326—lighting room)

2:10—Amy Wong (Gales) (3 speakers + screen?)

2:50—Christine Chiou (Gales) (2 speakers + projector)

3:30—Sara Marino (GCFA 130)

4:10—Erin Howley (GCFA 130)



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